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Company Profile

It is global fashion company SL (SL) International which always goes for the best.
SL stands for Style in your Life and always means 'an eternal fashion companion in your life'. To ensure the best quality, differentiated design and comfortable grip, the whole process of product manufacturing is managed by professional workers and we aim to be an eternal fashion companion in your heart with our emotional brand strategy.

At present, we are developing the brand according to the positioning such as elevator shoes, casual shoes brand CLAYONG, premium custom-made handmade brand CUSTOMADE, romantic sensual women's shoes brand SHUBEI. Approximately 1,500 male and female shoes are sold mainly in the domestic production line, such as the ready-made clearing that is mass-produced through the line process, and the custom high-grade brand custom-made brand, which ranges from direct design to production. It is possible to make the design of the product that the customer wants, the ball of the foot, and the customized handmade production. Recently, we are also selling functional shoes for foot fasciitis and flat feet.

Current distribution is in Korea on / offline. It is sold offline at large malls and stores in Korea. Online mall is being delivered and sold at its own online store (www.clayong.com) as well as large malls in Korea. We are expanding our business area with plans to expand into a wider overseas market. We have also been actively sponsoring Korean films and entertainers, and are building awareness in the field of casual shoes. In order to continue to become a global footwear brand, we are expanding our customer base with high quality service and various products.

The direct production factory's own production system makes it possible to make customized customized orders at reasonable prices. It sells more than 1,500 kinds of men's products, including sneakers, walkers, and shoes, to meet the needs of consumers. In particular, Custom Aid Handmade provides high satisfaction and service by making customized designs such as design, heel height, color, material and size according to customers' requests in various situations such as various events and ceremonial ceremony.

• Becoming the top-ranking in the industry through differentiated and emotional brand strategy and technology
• Expansion of various fashion brands to provide the value of SL International to more customers
• Build a virtuous circle investment system for continuous growth based on stable financial structure
• Moving on to a customer's eternal fashion companion through new sensibilities and technology
• Promote pride of employees based on our philosophy and internal culture